Subtle Hints To Be Quiet & The Doctor Can’t Help Me


Denise Hnytka:  “You know how I can tell someone’s coming back to work from being sick?  They’re so chatty with everyone around them.”

Me (defeated):  “I’ll be quiet.”

Sorry for the lack of updates the past week, but viruses can have such excellent endurance.  I went to the doctor expecting some fantastic antibiotics prescribed from the doc’s magic pen…only to be disappointed.

First, there is no pen.  Doctors apparently now walk around with big iPad-looking computer tablets and the “pen” is just his touch-screen tool.  He could have been playing Pong the whole time I was describing my symptoms.  He wouldn’t let me play with his new toy.

Second, “virus” is doctor for “I can’t really help you.”  I walked away with tips for taking care of myself and a prescription for a slightly stronger form of Tylenol that meant I couldn’t drive this weekend.

Anyway, only five minutes after my return to the newsroom Sunday, Denise very shrewdly guessed that I’d been cooped up in my apartment with relatively little human contact for several days.


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