Judge Quote Of The Day

Federal judges are all-powerful.  They do what they want.  You don’t have a say.  You don’t have a vote…literally.

Once appointed, federal judges can’t be removed until they decide to retire, so public image and voter opinion are irrelevant here.  I have a future post designed to talk about this, so I’ll leave it alone for now.

Anyway, I’ve been covering a big federal trial in Wichita for the last week-and-a-half.  A local couple is accused of overprescribing pain meds at their medical clinic to the point of contributing to more than 20 patient deaths.

On Tuesday morning, Judge Monti Belot thought he spotted a defense counsel legal assistant with his camera phone out and taking pictures.  Federal courts don’t allow cameras in the courtroom (the reason why there are no pictures in this post), and Judge Belot is not a man you want to disrespect.

Whether a camera phone was, in fact, used…I never figured that out.  Anyway, the judge had choice words…hence, the bad-ass quote of the day that had me smiling all the way back to the station.

Judge Belot:  “If I see anyone take a picture in my courtroom, I’m taking that device away and it will never be seen again.  I’ll also personally assure that person has an escort to Mid-Continent Airport and is flown out of Wichita by a U.S. Marshall.”

Not big on federal judges with total immunity, but this…quite entertaining.


2 Responses to “Judge Quote Of The Day”

  1. Danny Says:

    Gotta be honest with you here, Cliffy, this sounds like another power-tripping judge. Quite frankly, I DISPISE power tripping judges, cops, security guards, basically anyone who infringes on personal freedoms in any way, shape, or form. I think the federal court camera policy is bullshit, and I think cameras should be allowed in ALL courtrooms, all the time, regardless of what a judge wants.

  2. cliffjudy Says:

    Great point, Danny. I actually looked at this after posting it and thought I used the wrong wording. While this got quite the laugh from people in the newsroom, it’s just another example of some people in very prominent positions with perhaps far too much power (or at least no way to control it).

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