What Are Cliff’s Notes?

Cliff Judy is a reporter for KMBC-TV 9, the ABC station in Kansas City, Missouri.  This is his personal blog.

Cliff previously spent five years with KWCH-TV 12, the CBS station in Wichita, Kansas.  He was the main crime & courts reporter for KWCH the majority of his time in Wichita.

I meet people, hear stories, and experience points of view every day that I simply don’t have time to put on air.  This is where I can tell all.

This is where I hope I can tell the story behind the story, the perspective a journalist isn’t always allowed to give on air, and the sides you haven’t heard from yet.

Enjoy, and please…keep the comments coming!


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  4. “You Mean We Have To Pay?”  (And Me Making Something Out Of Nothing)
  5. 15 Things I Took From Scott Roeder’s Murder Trial

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